I looking to buy a combo to upgrade from a line 6. I am pretty serious about playing and play some medium sized gigs, but not nearly big enough for my 75 watt line 6 to handle. I turn that thing up to about 6 or 6.5 and I've got enough volume. Regardless I want an amp that has some power not some 15-20 amp. I play in the style of Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Alice in Chains etc, but also some classic/hard rock and some blues somewhat so I'd like nice cleans but thats not too important. I need an amp, obviously, with plenty of gain. I would go for a half stack but I'll be off to college in a year and really want the combo so i can take it with me and keep it in my room, form a band there and play gigs. What is the best amp for this money? And btw I play a Schecter Hellraiser with emgs currently. Thanks so much!
I actually played at guitar center. Brand new and wasn't too impressed. I guess I should say that I also played a carvin v3 and peavey 3120 which are more expensive but they totally destroyed the 6505