I was wondering, has anyone in The Pit ever eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters? They're basically deep fried bull testicles. If so, what do they taste like? I've never had them myself, but I'm kind of curious.

Have had them. Not my favorite. To chewy.
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I remember looking this up on wiki before it was fried.

Looks like penises
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Have had them. Not my favorite. To chewy.

Yeah, i figured they'd be chewy, maybe veiny. And if the two things I'm thinking of while eating it are "chewy" and "testicle", its not for me.
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Never eaten one, but we cut one up in bio once.
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deep fried bull testicles

Stopped reading here.
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Fried or not testicles just aren't very appetizing. Real oysters are delicous.
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