Sup guys. So, I'm a newbie guitar player(been playing 8 or 9 months) and I've been looking around for a nice V guitar for playing metal/hard rock and stuff. Unfortunately my budget is only about $300 so the two guitars I've been looking at are the ESP LTD v-50 and the Jackson JS32t King V.

I was able to try the ESP at Guitar Center but not the Jackson, and I've been hearing that low end ESPs are generally better than low end Jacksons. Is this true?
all a matter of taste and i'd say they are about the same. i do like LTD a little better overall at all levels of price but that's just me. check for any used guitars in your area on craigslist or at the guitar stores as you definitely will find a better quality axe that way.
i had a jackson JS30RR, it was my second guitar and i loved it... until i got an epiphone and then an LTD.

the jacksons are nice when brand new but they dont seem to last very long, after about a year i noticed fret buzz and the soldering on the pups started coming loose (fixed with solder from the bottom of a lightbulb ) and the input jack kept on bending out of shape so it wouldnt hold the cable in. so overall very badly made.

btw i would advise against getting a V if you have only been playing for 8/9 months, i regret getting one because when you havnt been playing guitar for long, trying to learn new techniques and trying to find a comfortable position to hold a V kinda fight against eachother and the comfortable position seems to win. i noticed a huge boost to my playing once i got my epiphone LP and then my LTD KH202 and that doesnt mean "go and get a KH202"... dont do that either... another mistake i made lol. but if you are set on getting a V then go for it.

i learnt from my mistake.
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the jacksons are nice when brand new but they dont seem to last very long, after about a year i noticed fret buzz and the soldering on the pups started coming loose (fixed with solder from the bottom of a lightbulb ) and the input jack kept on bending out of shape so it wouldnt hold the cable in. so overall very badly made.

Problems like these are common among a large amount of budget guitars. My Epi has had soldering issues, weird one stringed fret buzz, and annoying input jack issues too, thankfully a lot of them are issues that can be fixed.

I'm not sure about low end LTD vs low end Jackson, but I urge you to try the Jackson you're considering (or a model similar) to get a feel of the neck.

I do know that people tend to have mixed opinions about the neck shapes.

I personally prefer LTD.

But even if it's not the same model you're considering try out a few King Vs and see how they feel, they should be relatively the same in feel but not sound.
LTD out of those two
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If your really set on getting a V buy a jackson RR30 because playing won't be as hard and you won't have to stand up all the time, as with a normal V, if you don't care, get and LTD, I have one, it was my first guitar and it's built like a tank. I have both jackson and LTD and the the Jackson has a thinner neck than the LTD I bought, the Jackson also has better pickups in my opinion. But the LTD is still really solid.
I have always been a Jackson guy, so that would be my opinion. But you need to play both. Is there another music shop around you that may have a Jackson? The only bad thing I have heard that could happen is the Jackson neck being warped, but has never been the case on the ones I have played.

Also, to anybody worried about solder joints, try not to worry about it. Soldering is very easy and very cheap. I used to take my guitars to my local shop and they would charge like $15-$20 to solder one or two things. I can do it myself in about a minute or two.
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They're both about the same quality level, so just get the one that feels better in your hands.

When I got my V-50, I played the Jackson King V ($300 model) and one of the $300 Dean Mustaines.

I picked the V-50 because it felt best in my hand, because I love ESP/LTD, and it just looked better to me.

Feel is definitely most important though.
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ESP wins over low and mid end Jackson.

ESP is not LTD.
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I would look for a used BC Rich NJ series guitar, but that's just my personal preference.
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Low end LTDs are a pile of overpriced shit from my experiance. I played a couple in store. I played the explorer equivilant of the model you're on about the EX50. Felt horrible, really high action, felt cheap like a toy, the frets were sharp, it buzzed all over the place. Agathis body. For £250, i think not.

Low end jacksons arent the greatest. But id rather a low end jackson. They actually feel like a guitar.

Low end ibanez are decent and are worth a look.

Try get an ibanez rg321 from ebay or something.
Meh, used middle range Jackson or ESP. You're paying for the shape with those lower end guitars, not the quality. For $300 you could get a used X series Warrior, Rhoads or Kelly or some similar ESP.
if you dont mind used ive seen jackson rr3's going for around 300 on ebay and craigslist. hell i even saw one go for 200.

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as far as I know Jacksons would be better in terms of quality for money.
LTD have to pay royalties on the designs that they use I think where as Jackson use their own designs thus don't have to increase price to pay royalties..

That's what I heard anyway *shrug*
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Jackson all the way. But don't get the J series. Those are pretty shitty. Try and find a Jackson X series. I found my jackson RX10D rhoads on kijiji with a vox valvetronix 15, a hard case, a hercules stand and a tuner for 250 bucks. You probably wouldn't find that great of a deal but definitely check out the X series. I saw a king v x series on kijiji the other day for 300 i think.