These are unexplained!
White epi les paul
not a reaction to rubber on stands., not wear and tear stff. has not been dropped

no i cant feel it. its not ontop of the coat. damn i should have mentioned that. but there area few other spots and sorry not the best pictures. when im frustrated i dont go for excellance lol
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It's figuring. But even if it weren't, it seems pretty minor.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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i no but there are more, like two on the front, on long one and the boarder by the top strap lock, im just so pissed!!!!
Idk it just bothers me. Its prolly cuz I've always wanted this guitar, and love it so much. I know it's kinda superficial but it's this specific guitar I bitch about so much. Chips on my others that I love even more don't bother me.I'm weird
^ Think about it this way - if something has already happened to it that pisses you off, at least you've gotten it out of the way.

Now when you inevitably drop something on it or bang it against a mic stand, you won't give a damn.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
Whos Mark and what he doing in your guitar?

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Ha I like bubb tubs approach to it. I don't wanna start anoter thread, so I'll ask here? Does a toggle switch make a diff depending on which one u get? I have a broken one that I will eventually fix. Only the "stick" part broke. That one fell at a gig lol
^Well the fender ones and gibson style ones are different yeah. But otherwise no. As long as you get proper guitar switches and not just toggle ones.

Oh and this ts

Definitely aliens.
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ok first of all, way too big, and way too blurry. second, why does it matter? itll still sound good.. oh noes my guitar got A MARK ON IT AHHHH!!!!!


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