Here's one my drummer wrote, I just helped with the rhymes.

Let’s get away for a while,
I swear we’ll be just fine,
Not like we have a choice,
Don’t try to bide your time,
So what if it’s not right,
All of this just holds you back,
You can’t pretend it’s cool,
We’ve fallen off the track,

It’s no new direction,
Let’s pretend for just one day,
Let all the words come out,
You don’t know what to say,
On to a newer game,
Undo the hateful spell,
Gone from all your old ways,
Only 3 years in hell,

Over the hill we go,
Under the bridge we fall,
Too far gone to repent,
We could’ve had it all,
It’s not like we have a choice,
Try to see what went wrong,
Hold on to what you’ve got,
Maybe it’s just a song,

Everyone’s dead and gone,
I think you’ve lost your chance,
Can we go back in time?
And take a different stance,
No one can fix the past,
Tell them the kids are fine,
So maybe I’m in the wrong,
Tell me you’re always right,

And when the day is done,
No one can say goodbye,
Don’t know what I could say,
Too late to even try,

Here, now this is the end,
I will remember this day,
So long, I wave goodbye,
Now we go our separate ways,