I know these are popular amps so hopefully Ill get some help

I bought one used of craigslist about a week ago, The guy said its a couple years old.. and since they only came out in 2007, it cant be that old.

I hooked in a boss OD20 I got from a friend I spent at least 4-5 hours tryng to get a good sound out of it and it just sounds like shit.

I took the pedal to a guitar center and tried it on the exact same amp and it sounded great.

so, somethings wrong. I figure its probably the tubes but when I looked in the back I saw they were Electro Harmonix, made in russia. I thought most stock pickups were sovteks. so if anyone has one of these could they possibly take a look for me and see what their stock tubes are.

all 3 do light up but the sound doesn't ever get better like most places say it will if the tubes are dieing.

also, a couple times If I took a cable plugged 1 end in and put my thumb on the other, instead of just fuzz I would get almost a machine gunny sound.
Buy a set of tubes. They aren't that expensive. There are instructions on the net on how to bias. But that isn't easy if you have no idea what you're doing.

Replacing the tubes may solve the problem. Biasing is recommended.
I can figure out how bias it I think I know it has a trimpot in there to do it. and tubes arn't expensive? a solid replacement set is at least 50 bucks... not exactly throwaway monies
Just want to say, I put in new JJ tubes and it sounds great! thanks for the advices!
Great. Thanks for reporting back. Did you replace just the 6V6 tubes. Or did you do the 12AX7 also? I'm guessing the power tubes were the failed ones.

Also did you check the bias before replacing the tubes to see if it was out?
I replaced all the tubes. I havn't gotten a chance to Bias it yet, I will soon I just really wanted to play.