Hello I'm looking to buy either a Ibanez GSR 200 or a Orange Crush Pix Bass Amp either a 50 watt or 100 watt. I have two guitars an amp or a pedal to trade for them.
I'm not interested in a trade or anything, but you're definitely gonna want to tell people what the guitars/amps/pedal is. cause anyone who's interested is gonna wanna know that
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Here is the gear that I am willing to trade

The pedal is a Digitech RP 200. The amp is a Marshall 30 watt. One guitar is an Atomic Custom Les Paul and the other one is a Squire Strat

Pedal : http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/...k_album/474.jpg

Amp : http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/...k_album/475.jpg

Guitar Body : http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/...k_album/469.jpg

Guitar Neck : http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/...k_album/468.jpg

Missing Knob : http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/...k_album/473.jpg

Chip : http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/...k_album/470.jpg

Other Chip : http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/...k_album/472.jpg