Hey I've been looking at acoustic guitars and I was wondering if any of u have any suggestions for what to try, money is not an issue. I really like the sj200 and the gibson songwriter, and I need some educated persons to tell me what r the differences and uses
Alex Hager - AlexHagerMusic
more bass and a full but slightly compressed tone from the sj200. they're one of my all time favorite guitars. the songwriter has less deep sound, and being a dread rather than a jumbo has a smaller lower bout. it's also got a tone all its own. i don't care for the songwriter as much as the j45, which has more ruble in the bottom end. since everyone has very different tone preferences, i suggest you spend more time playing the guitars you like till you discover your own preference. often it takes many visits with each guitar, really listening and feeling each one, to decide. and it's worth buying a new set of strings for each and having the sales rep put 'em on if you still can't decide. they've done this for me at guitar center a couple times, and it helped.

what you use a guitar for is all about individual preference, too. my husband is getting an sj200, and he expects to use it for all sorts of music as a replacement for his j45 where some people use an sj200 for country or a certain sound, and use smaller guitars for regular stuff. on the other hand, my husband is 6' 7", but i often find a jumbo more comfortable to play than a dread.

really there are no rules when it comes to music. whatever has the right sound to the player is the right guitar, and if it sounds right to that player for a different kind of music than others might use it for, it's still the right guitar