I just want a half stack that sounds good for pop/rock/ pop punk type stuff for 800ish
that sounds good with an EPI SG. I know that's really general, but I was kinda leaning towards a Marshall head of something along those lines. If you could just throw out some suggestions that would be awesome.

Thanks, Brett.
You're going to have trouble getting a good head and cab on that budget.

Jet City Amps JCA50 or JCA100
Marshall JCM 800 (used) JCM 900 SL-X
Mesa/Boogie Single or Dual Rectifier, Mark III, DC-5 or DC-10, F series
Traynor amps
Peavey 6505, 5150, XXX, Ultra Plus
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Surely by now you know to avoid the MG and AVT series Marshalls, yes?

I guess try a Marshall Haze (MZ) series if you can find one. But realistically any new half-stack in your price range is (in all likelihood) utter crap. If you can something good used you might be okay. JCM 2000s and definitely doable maybe. Peavey 5150 would be fine too, at least in the crunch department. If you can play (try it) before you pay then it might be worth checking out a B-52 or the like. I don't know much about them, but they're fairly cheap tube amps (for what they are).

I just don't understand why it has to be a half-stack though. How many times have you played through a 2x12 and thought "this isn't loud enough"? A used AC30 would be PRIME. Maybe not the normal tone for what you're doing but it'd be really good. Any of the Fender combos in that price range with a good distortion pedal would be alright as well... Or a Marshall combo.

Or maybe you'll just get lucky a trip across a JCM 900 for $800. But good luck with that.
the jet city line would probably do you well, or a used 6505/5150 plus cab.