Brief & Accurate Description of guitar: Good condition Ltd H307. The guitar has no major dents or scratches to worry about other than your normal play wear on any loved guitar. New blackouts were installed about a month ago. I will look at trades, but would like cash.

Pickups replaced with Seymour Duncan blackouts phase II's. All wiring, pots, jack are new.

Accessories: soft case

Location: California, US

Contact Info: Post or pm

References Required:
Sold a guitar to Macladin on the forums here and my eBay id: Mehnike

Price/Trades: $550 OBO shipped. You are welcome to make offers, just make sure you make me an offer. If you ask how cheap I will go, I will just say $550. Thanks in advance.

Pics: (Keep in mind all hardware is now 100% black and pups are now blackouts. I do still have the emgs though)
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no thanks. I'm not a lefty

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It's not a lefty. The pics are reversed.
1. How long have you owned the guitar?
2. What year was it made?
3. What hardware changes did you make?
4. How does it play? Any problems/issues with anything?
5. Why are you selling it?

I live in India. Wouldn't it be really difficult to ship it safely?

F-ing beautiful thing!
Would you be interested in an Ivory Fernandes Ravelle Elite w/ Seymour Duncan Sustainer systen?
still have the guitar?
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