we all live lives which we often disagree with
we all live out lies, we know how to fake it
but i know, i know
it can't all just be filling an empty, mediocre mold
used to shape an existence that doesn't fit

and how greatly i over-think it
my mind gets tangled and overcrowded
i swap the connections and mix the chords
but the system still won't work
i end up with makeshift puzzle pieces
but it's only patchwork

but i know all the questions belong to an answer
so my mind keeps looking, and wondering
even in my sleep

questions and answers
that are strangely familiar to me
just like the things you see in late night dreams
uncertain if they are what they seem
but you can name them because you just know
everything but the meanings

and so i can't stop wondering
even in my sleep
We're only strays.