I'm a stone in the river that you just float on by,
or a leave rustling in the trees.
I'm that cloud in the sky you gaze at night,
or a drop of rain that falls in cycles.

I'm that bird you marvel at in wonder,
and melt into the sand
I'm the sun giving off rays of warmth,
with nothing in return.
See, you and I are just not the same.

I'm that moment everything clicks.
That adrenaline you feel everywhere.
The thought that why must it end?

Just the only difference between these all,
is that there is really no difference to them at all.
And come to realize,
All that we perceive means nothing at all.

I'm that moment you awaken.
That shock that seems to much to bear.
The thought that why must reality come back.
For all this,
was just a dream...