I need help with soloing right now with the bass. Now I understand that it's all scales and heart, but I'm having a hardtime doing it while slapping bass. Can anyone help me here?! And lately I've been having a hardtime writing some basslines that thrive on originality... Advice on helping me get my groove back? Thanks in advance!
Fair enough.
try throwing hammers ons and pull offs into your stuff. I also try and play arpggios while slaping
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A tip for 'getting your groove back': Do something completely different and new. Never play jazz? Learn a jazz song. Never tried to learn some Wooten stuff? Try that. Whenever I feel like I'm in a rut, I learn a song or technique that I've never done before. I may not even like the song/genre/technique, but doing something new and different gets my mind thinking in new directions and helps me incorporate new ideas into my music.

As for soloing with slap... practice practice practice. Remember though, sometimes during a solo, less is more. Playing slap doesn't necessarily mean you have to play super fast and complicated, sometimes the best solos are simple but still have the sense of awesomeness that slap bass brings.

I hope this helps!

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