Alright, so I just bought a used Epiphone Zakk Wylde les Paul and for the life of me I cannot get the frets to stop buzzing. The guy I bought it from had this HUGE low E string on it and I mean huge it looks like he filed down the nut to fit the damn thing in. Anyway, I switch out the strings today and the thing is buzzing like crazy. I set the action as high as it would go which is obviously not ideal and it still buzzes at the first fret.

Do I need to adjust the truss rod? I checked it by holding down the E string at the 1st and 14th fret and there is still a little space between the string and the 7th fret so the neck looks pretty good to me but I'm kinda new to this. Is there a better way to determine if the truss rod needs adjusting? How much space should there be between the string and fret?

Are there any other options for this? I put Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys on there which have a 46 gauge E string would it be better if I put a thicker string on there? I used to play with the Ernie Ball Skinny top Heavy Bottom which has a 52 gauge E, would that help?

Thanks in advance.
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maybe he did file the nut down to fit in the huge string and now its so low that you get instant fret buzz? you could try shimmin under the string to raise it to a more suitable height or if you can afford it/know what youre doing a new nut
If it really is that bad, I would take it in to my nearest guitar shop/luthier, someone who knows their shit, and have it looked at. I had a standard check-up on my Epi Lp, it was like, $45.
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Ya I agree with reversegen. It's prob the nut dude. That kinda sux cuz the best fix is just a whole new nut. you can try puttin some glue in there and letting it harden to try to raise the groove a lil but honestly you need to either get some thicker strings (which if you play in standard is not a good idea) or get a new nut. =/
They're really cheap. Something like 5$-15$. Get a graphite one, they help the guitar to stay in tune.

Obviously the installing costs some cash, might be even 50$. If you do it yourself you have to be sure you get a right type of nut (there are so many types and sizes around).
It depends on who installs it really. You can buy pre-slotted nuts from TUSQ for <$15 but they do need some adjustment by sanding the base down till the height is correct. If you go to a guitar repairman it culd run up to $60 -70 dollars depending again on where they use a pre-made or form their own nut.
Moving on.....
Thanks for the help everyone, I'm gonna try some bigger strings and see if that does the trick. I'm not comfortable replacing the nut myself so I'd probably get that done by a luther but thats gonna be the last resort.
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slip a bit of paper under the string in the cut of the nut and see if that helps.

post back if it does.

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