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what's your story? here's mine

So the first amp i ever owned was a small fender SS i think the name was champion 110. Probably purchased around 1995, while i was a freshman in high school. I was coming from rented gear for my first 6 months of playing, loved the amp and thought i got really great sound from it by using my bridge pickup with the gain maxed out.

I donated it to the salvation army last year.
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i dont even think it was a guitar amp...
it was a ten watt o name amp with a volume control
I got a little BC Rich 10 watt amp at a local music store. Problem was, about a year into playing, the amp fell with the cable still connected, and totally ruined the input jack.

I still have the amp. But never fixed it. Hmmm....I should really get it fixed now that I think of it.
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Frontman 15G, decent cleans with low/mid output pickups, high output pickups made it get a bit of a nasty clipping sound

Even with nothing to compare it to I still knew it was a cheap amp when I got it; even knowing that I still loved it for what it was because I had an electric guitar and an amp and that made me the cool kid on the block. I have since striped it for parts.
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i would imagine my champion 110 would equate to around a frontman 15 these days...
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MG15DFX. Sold that bad boy for $20 to some kid who was just starting out. I still felt like I was ripping him off.

Backstory: I had been playing an $80 Yamaha acoustic for about a year when my parents decided to buy me an electric for Christmas. My friend had bought a Mexi Strat that I loved so I had to have one. But his amp was a Peavey Bandit. And you know, that doesn't say Marshall on it.

So when I went to pick out an amp, we went to the old Brook Mays Music before it closed and I saw the stack of MG boxes. Having seen Marshalls in the rigs of guys like Slash, Van Halen, Hendrix, etc., I said "I want that one." My dad asked me why. I replied "Marshall's a good brand." with a cocky tone to my voice. 12 year olds are hot shit you know.

Next thing I know, it's Christmas morning and I'm upstairs with a Mexi Strat and an MG with the gain turned to 10, treble all the way up using the bridge pickup.
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im glad people are participating but i was looking for more of the original story than just the amp model.

my mom got it at a pawn shop with a Kay 'Starter Series' guitar. the guitar was useless, but the amp was actually better than the valvestate i ended up getting. in true style, i gave this amp away to a guitarist that had a bit influence on me.
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Marshall MG15CD. I discovered feedback with that amp, and it was great for micro jams before class started with my bass player. He'd plug into the Line Out/CD input and would be audible...

I believe I ended up leaving it in my old house when I moved.
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Updated mine with a story. True story in fact.
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Fender Frontman 15G, and i still have it .. clean is surprising .. but it buzzes like a bee hive
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Behringer v-tone bass amp of some kind. Just 15 watts, 8" speaker. When I got into guitar I bought a Line 6 Spider III 30 watt. I have it on indefinite loan to a friend, but I might be getting it back now since I'll probably have to sell off some of my current gear to pay for a ticket I got earlier this month. Grrrrr
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I used my dad's SS Fender 85 when I started playing, but the first amp I ever owned is my Peavey VTM. started the tube game early.
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A little 10 or 15 watt Ibanez with a 10" speaker. It's in storage somewhere. Once my mom, bless her heart, saw I was serious she got me a Crate GFX-30 for Christmas. That amp was absolutely totally kickass since I had never had effects or "good" distortion before. I still use it at home more than my Triple Rectifier. No reason to waste tube life while noodling around.
Yamaha G100-212. Yes, I started out on SS amps too.

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Spider III 75w

I sold it a week ago with the FBV board, I felt like I was ripping the guy off, but he seemed pleased with it

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my mom got it at a pawn shop with a Kay 'Starter Series' guitar. the guitar was useless, but the amp was actually better than the valvestate i ended up getting. in true style, i gave this amp away to a guitarist that had a bit influence on me.

i actually really like the lead 12, i bought one fairly recently. The small cabinet does make the sound a bit boxy (although that's fine for a practice amp) but plugging the direct output into the FX return of a serious gigging amp makes all the difference. I've also heard that plugging into a 4x12 works really well too.

i was given 2 amps when i started - my cousin gave me an old marlin 65 watter and a friend of my dad's gave me an old tiger 15 watt practice amp... my dad also had a torque T100R 100 watt amp that he'd been using as a PA for god knows how long the first one i bought myself was a Vox AD50VT.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
I was given an Epiphone Les Paul Special II for christmas but wasn't given an amp. My pops gave me some extra money and told me to run to the pawn shop with my brother. I went there and saw an Epiphone studio 15r. Being 13 at the time I didn't really need anything great but it was fun while it lasted. About 5 years after I got those they were broken to pieces at a party.

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my first amp was one i built out of the back of a electronics magazine when i was 13 (a long time ago), it was housed in a orange box (wooden box you got oranges in not the amp company) and used the speakers from a parcel shelf of a scrap had a volume knob and a input jack, and was really loud (i think it was 8 watt)

the 1st proper amp i had was a vox escort
great cleans for a solid state....but then it was made with proper components and not filled with dsp`s
First amp was a Peavey Blazer 158, which is one of the infamous Rage amps with reverb.

I had actually ordered my first guitar and amp online, but the amp was back ordered, and I didn't know about it until my guitar got to my house. Cant remember the exact model, but I think it was a Marshal MG10 something or other. Because I was going to visit family soon, and wanted to show off properly.
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I had an Acoustic AC amp that my dad had bought for his acoustic guitar. I fed it a Line 6 modeler.
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Fender Frontman 15G, fuck yeah.

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Laney LX20R - it had reverb, that was about it. The distortion was pretty rubbish, so I got an ENGL about a year later
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i had a friends frontman 15 for 6 months....
overdrive sucks bigtime :[]
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I win?

it was shocking now i look back and compare to the vypyr i have now
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I win, i had a BB Blaster.
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dont kno wat the name of mine was, volume treble and bass controls, overdrive channel sucked, pretty loud tho after i stuck pins in the speaker and took of the back and bought a ds-1, smashed it along with my first guitar, after i got my marshall stack wish i had kept it tho, could of kept it for goin places
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I had an Ibanez IBZ10g

it's a 10 watters with a 6 inch speaker. It's pretty bad, but I still play it sometimes (though very rarely) and always realise it didn't sound THAT bad actually, i don't regret getting it, much better than the Roland Cube my brother got at the same time
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