Greetings people!

For my final project, I'm required to direct a short movie. Thing is, I cant seem to think of any good ideas for it. I know you guys love helping out a brother in need so..

The Brief
Final Assignment – Short Movie (without dialogue)
The world without me
Horror/ Comedy/ Melodrama/ Sci-fi
2 mins – 5 mins

Yup, the title's "The World Without Me", and it can be twisted any way round.

One classmate of mine had this idea, I think it's great. Since the title is 'the world without me', she's directing a movie about her boyfriend who is two-timing her.. Long story short, even though they are together, it's as if they aren't. They do stuff together but his heart is not there.. So it's kinda like he's treating her as if she doesn't exist. Hence, "The World Without Me".

There are others doing more direct stories such as, "main character dies, parents cry, friends cry" etc.

Guys, I'd really appreciate your help. I'm real desperate now so please, any ideas at all would be really helpful.
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I'll bet you a tenner you don't find any good ideas here. But you have to take some inspiration from movies that have covered this theme before.

There's a beauty from Irvine Welsh, called 'The Acid House'. A footballer turns into a fly, and the rest of the film is seen from the POV of him flying around his close friends and relatives. His girl is screwing the captain of his team, his parents are glad he's gone and his friends don't even notice.
I'd say do it kinda like the movie The Invisible, only the main character is already gone and looking in on people he/she knows and comparing his/her thoughts on what kind of person he/she was to their thoughts of who he/she was.
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have the main character have a close group of friends who he does everything with, and who hang out together always having fun. then have him die. then show the friends doing the same activities, but with no emotion/feeling because they don't have their other friend with them.