Best way to fix it?
I bought it because it was amazing
It's a nice Martin, clear as a bell, and makes my ears orgasm

How can I fix the necktho? Sandpaper I assume but I don't wanna pay for it to be done
Sadly I can't do that ATM. It's not like, terrible, but running ur hand past it you canfeel it
No it's not, damn these are all things I should havesttes in the first post=| bummer
This is the first time I've ever heard of a Martin luthier not sanding a neck properly.
When did you buy it and where? Im sure the guitar store you bought it from will do something for you.

Unless you bought it used.
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I bought it at guitar center. A while ago. Like 8 months. I put up with it but now I just want it done
the finer the better;

0000 steel wool, 3m spongy pad, something like that. ask the hardware store guy for help picking.

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