I'm too old for this shit. Every time I try to post a comment on youtube it says it needs my Email. I think it's because when I signed up, I had the spanish shit going on my keyboard (it still happens some times and I still don't know how to change it) so I didn't put @. Can somebody please tell me how to change my shit?
From the other thread incase you missed it.

To change your keyboard go to Start>Control Panel>Date, Time, Language...>Regional and Language Options>Languages>Details then set your default to English US or where ever you are. Then Apply and OK.
Reported. No multiple threads on the same subject. I shouldn't have to tell an 06 this.
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I tried your options and they didnt work. Then I searched regional and language options and the only window it suggests just sends me to a one with a bunch of languages for the keyboard. I click a million times on US english but nothing changes. I am running windows 7 if that helps. Thanks for your help.


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You could try making 2-3 threads on this forum.. that might change your info.
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I didnt think this post went up in the first place so I reposted it. I cant find the other one or I would erase it.
Report away. All I wanted was some help because I'm not really good with computers. Look under my name and under all my posts. There's **** all. UG has the only message boards I post on and read. So **** you Blackwaterson89 and **** you BruceWillisman. maggot9779 you're cool. Thanks for the help. While I'm at it, if that douchebag Rankles or whatever the **** your name is that banned me 3 years ago for saying nothing worse than anything else in the thread but I guess I hit a ****in sore spot, **** you too. All I wanted was a little help but some tough guy nerds gotta act tough. Thanks nerds. Thanks for your help UG
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