Ok, so basically, linux is pissing me the hell off right now.
I installed ubuntu, and i figured i could just delete that and install windows 7 once i got a copy of the OS disk.
apparently I was mistaken.

Now no matter what i do, it wont boot from the disk, and I cannot run the OS install disk from linux, even after installing WINE, and UDF packets.
i need someone to tell me how i can completely remove linux from my system, so i can install windows.
You could try formatting the disk with a seperate programe. (Downloadable)

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Maybe your disc is broken.

Ubuntu's a great OS, though. I've been thinking about making a partition for it on my laptop.

its an OK OS, i dont really like it all that much, I only installed it as a temporary OS until i could buy a copy of windows 7, now i cant figure out how to get rid of it
if youre trying to INSTALL windows, you will have to insert the disk in the drive and then restart the computer to load the disk properly. if it still doesnt load, look for an onscreen prompt when booting that allows you to choose your boot options (F8 usually but it differs from system to system) and choose to boot to the disk.
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Go into the BIOS (or boot options, setup, or whatever your comp calls it) when you boot your computer. Then, look around the menus until you see 'boot order', or something similar to that. Make sure your DVD drive is above your HD that Ubuntu boots from in that list.
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If memory serves I had the same trouble when I installed Ubuntu. It's the damn GRUB bootloader, it refused to o away. I forgot how I eventually fixed it though but maybe that helps you out a little.
Insert the Win 7 dist, restart your computer, then hit Fwhatever to got to the boot options. It'll tell you what it is at the bottom of the screen. It's F11 for me.

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