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Since I haven't been on UG in a long time, I thought it would be useful to re-introduce myself, since I have learnt a lot over the years I have been inactive.

I am Robin, 18 years of age. I play both Acoustic and Electric guitar. On Acoustic, I play mostly simplified versions of acoustic songs so I can sing along to them. And on Electric, I play metal songs and am still learning how to play awesome metal solo's . But at the moment, i'll have to do with classic rock solo-ing..
I am looking for a band to play in. If you live in The Netherlands, Europe, and are looking for a guitar player for your metal band, and you like my guitar playing, you can reach me by e-mail or MSN. Click here for my contact details (the picture that contains them is in Dutch, but you just have to look at the bottom for my e-mail/MSN)

I know a fair amount of music theory, thanks to the help of Steven Seagull, Guitarmunkey, juckfush, Freepower, neo14085, doive, two guitar teachers I know in real life, and all the other people who took the time to explain music theory for me. Thanks!

At the moment, I am a student of Ivar Useinov, whom is an awesome guitar player and I really admire his playing. He plays fluidly, cleanly, and extremely fast, but with a lot of feel. If you live near Rotterdam in The Netherlands, and are looking for a guitar teacher, give him a try.

I am mostly on UG to talk with fellow guitar players and to learn new guitar techniques, music theory, etcetera.
So, hi again!
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