Here's my attempt at a full review of a guitar.

I picked this guitar up today at Guitar Center for $100 used. Here's everything from the headstock to the input jack

Headstock - Classic LP shape and decent stock tuners. Large grips makes tuning MUCH easier. The tuning machines seem to be in really good shape for a used instrument.

Neck/Fretboard - Kind of thick and "heavy" feeling. For lack of a better word. Made from mahogany and should hold up nicely over the years. The fret wires seem to be a little larger than usual. Not a big deal for a higher action. 21 frets, not too much space between frets, either.

Body - Classic Les Paul shape, made from basswood. Black hardware, typical LP style body.

Electrics - I'm currently in the process of putting actives in because of my sheer hatred of passive pick ups. Nothing wrong with the passive idea, I just hate the buzzing noise that comes from passives. 3 way switch, volume and tone dials. The input jack is held in pretty tightly and probably won't come loose for some time.

Well, there's my attempt at a review. I hope I helped someone.
I bought one of these a pawn shop a while back for like 60 bucks....worse guitar i have ever owned
For the "Body-" section, in a review you're gonna have to do more than describe the looks. Is it comfortable? Is it too heavy, too light?
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The Epi headstock is NOT "the classic Les Paul shape".

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
Quote by nightwindelf88

Nothing wrong with the passive idea, I just hate the buzzing noise that comes from passives.

I think there may be something wrong with your pickups...
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not much info there to really be called a review.. and also not really needed in the forum as there is a review section...

although... i have the same guitar, cant complain for the price... The tuners suck and i find it needs fairly regular adjustments to stay buzz-free at a decent action...

But for someone just playing around at home as i do, it doesnt really matter... as a plus, its cheap price might allow some people to learn to set up their own guitar... Its a very basic (although time consuming) process that many on here seem hesitant to learn..
Tbh it aint a bad guitar.. as for frets the LP S2 has 22 frets.. Tuners aint bad for the price I've had no fret buzz or any problems with mine.. stays in tune perfectly fine when doing the locking tuning method (putting bend in string to lock it into the tuner then wind.) for the price too the pickups arent that bad..
Sorry, but hardly anything about the review is true.

Headstock - NOT the classic LP shape, it's an Epiphone headstock. The tuners are pretty crappy BTW, but it's a bottom of the line guitar.

Neck/Fretboard - Not thick and heavy at all, pretty thin especially compared to the real thing. 22 frets, not 21 and you didn't mention it's a rosewood fretboard.

Body - Les Paul style shape with a flat top, made from alder/maple, not basswood. Chrome hardware, I don't see why you say it's black.

Electrics - I didn't find the pickups that noisy at all, but they don't sound too good either.
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