I hardley ever say comments or try to subscribe on Youtube. Now I want to but I cant. I think it was because when I signed up, I couldn`t put an `at```sign in my email because my keybaord went spanish. I don`t know how I did it or how to change it back. I`m just asking how to change my Youtube info and also if anyone could please tell me how to change my keyboard settings off of spanish. Beacause it'll happen more. (It`s doing it right now) É"'È:Ǩ¨P¨::È"É:ÈÉ iiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I said

I posted this before. I dont think it went up. I'm sorry if you seen it twice.
Just make a new account. You're obviously not losing anything important if you never comment or subscribe
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To change your keyboard go to Start>Control Panel>Date, Time, Language...>Regional and Language Options>Languages>Details then set your default to English US or where ever you are. Then Apply and OK.