It seems that every year during the summer i go to bed at ridiculously early times in the morning (4-6 am) and wake up at around 2-4 in the afternoon. It really bugs me because half of the day is wasted but im too lazy during the summer to do anything about it. Now that school is coming up, I am trying to end this cycle by staying up for ~36 hours and waking up at around 6 am sunday morning. Anyone else do this sorta thing in the summer?
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go to bed at 8 in the morning

wake up at 5 pm

*starts school in 3 days*

I'm in the process of pulling an all nighter ATM.
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I'm in the process of pulling an all nighter ATM.

They don't sleep anymore on the beach..
I pull all nighters so I go to bed real early the next night
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I had to change my sleep schedule a lot lately because I was working swing shifts, so heres what you do.

If you want to wake up at 6am when you usually wake up around 2pm, stay up for an entire night, then go to bed at 8pm the next night. Set as many alarms as you can find for 6am. The next night your going to have to make up some sleep.

For every nights sleep that you miss (usually 8 or 9 hours in adults, 10 in teenagers) you need to make up half that to feel rejuvinated.
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I sleep whenever I want year round. Probably not good for me, because sometimes I stay up wayyyy too long.
I did this the whole summer. It was pretty easy to get out of though once school started and all-nighters were no longer fun.
*looks at the clock* hmmm it's 4:30 AM here now sooooooo... nah pretty normal
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I go to bed anywhere from 12:30am-4am and wake up from 9am-2pm.

Fine by me Though I'll be in college soon so bed time will stay the same but get up earlier usually.
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Ive been up since 1 pm and i think ill go another 12 hours and then sleep.
They don't sleep anymore on the beach..
Yesterday I woke up at 2pm after 12 hours of sleep then I went to bed at 4am. Only being up 14 hours was weird.
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
I do the exact same thing. It's almost 5 am here now
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being baked + doing this made me realized i need to manage my time better....
They don't sleep anymore on the beach..
I am pulling all nigher and all dayer just because of this reason. I leave for basic training in less then two weeks. I need to get on a damn good sleep schedule.
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Im gonna watch the sunrise for first time all summer. should be interesting.
They don't sleep anymore on the beach..