40 years experience writing, performing, touring, recording, etc, etc.

Looking to form band(s) and/or work with yours. I write anything, play most, and if you just want the songs I'll play along with you to bring you up to speed and turn them over. Or can do recording, mixing, etc for your studio and gig dates.

My personal project is called Wheatstone Bridge. Nice folksy country sounding name. But it's an electronic device. That's the idea, full range of abilities but specializing in melding sounds and styles into unique forms (think McKendree Spring). I do solo through full electronic/orchestral arrangements (Jean-Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, etc.). Need Musicians (note the capital M; do you appreciate well written music regardless of genre?) to work with, toss around ideas, try out new things. Perform? maybe, if you're willing to make it *right* first. Record? definitely. Will consider other formats/genres for forming bands too.

I'm at the corner of Lake, Jasper, Newton and Porter counties, near Hebron. Will travel for band work, but for writing, etc prefer to host here. Email here, threesigma@rocketmail.com, or call 219-996-5447 (Dennis).
UPDATE: Now situated smack in the middle of NW IN (Monticello). Have own small scale recording gear, can record at your site including live performance, and digital direct-to-disc from the board. Lessons available on any aspect (instrument, music theory, composition, performance/presentation, engineering, basic road electrical/electronic maintenance and repair, intellectual property laws and rights, etc.). Willing to handle management/logistics for the right bands.
And if there's any other "professional" head hunters hanging out here, harvesting these ads and trying to sell your services, save your bits. I don't do business with anyone who has to spam to try to drum up business. You don't have the quality of business or ethics that interest me.