I play the guitar, but i got this piano and started playing it more and more. Well, now i made my own piano piece. So give me some comments - Just remember its not a long time i have been playing.

- by the way. On my youtube profile i have some guitar riffs - give me a comment on them to

My piano
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thats impressive for not playing ever..very nice i liked it alot. i just picked up a piano as well mind criting mine? its acoustic and piano just click my name itd be appreciated, great job
Thats absolutely brilliant! A very uplifting piece. Has an ethereal quality to it. I've also just recorded a track with the keys and guitars. I also dont really play the piano, but I'd appreciate it if you could crit my track.


The track name is 'Life in Funk'
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you picked up piano fast.
very nice piece man. i really dont know what kinda crit. i could give you.
you should make a recording with both guitar and piano in it, i'd like to hear that.
btw if you have a chance, I record instrumental acoustic guitar, you should check out my latest vid.

lemme know what you think.
Thanks alot. I really happy for the comments. But because of my guitar playing, its was alot easier to learn the piano - its a little late but i will check out your things tomorrow guys - again. Thank you for the comments

--> Check out my guitar things and give me a comment on that too
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