Hey I play guitar, mostly rhythm. i can learn most styles of metal. i learn pretty quickly. my friends have told me i do a pretty decent low growl (think metalcore and slipknot/five finger death punch- i love corey taylors and ivan moody's voices). been playing for about 3 years. it would be great if there were some people i could jam with. and maybe to start or join a metal band. It would be great if it was some sort of hybrid metal.
like some elements of thrash (EARLY metallica, megadeth, etc), alternative metal (System of a down, etc), modern metal (newer avenged sevenfold, slipknot, etc.), metalcore (early A7X, For Today, Killswitch engage, As i lay dying, etc)
I also love bands five finger death punch, alesana,the devil wears prada, asking alexandria, meshuggah, nirvana, green day (i could go on)
basically i love harder music.
i live in friedberg, hessen, germany. anyone in the friedberg, hanau, frankfurt areas looking for a guitarist, it would be awesome if you checked me out. I'm 14, soon to be 15. If you can speak english that would kick ASS haha
i made some youtube vids (theyre not that great though)
so thanks if you read this far
please, check me out!