looking for a 3/4 size electric for my 9 year old daughter, £100 budget, any help would be cool, so far iv'e found some shit toy's and some don't knows? my little rocker needs an axe

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I've always thought it would be interesting to play on a smaller-than-fullsize guitar, just thinking about the strange chords you could finger with all that extra reach...
thanks bud, the ibanez looks good, retails £175 can get one for £140, internet tho can't try it out first, i will think about this, thanks again, any more ideas would be helpful
Squier made a mini strat that I enjoyed quite a bit. I think Epi also makes a mini V, and Les Paul. I think the Squier is in your price range, but I'm not so sure about the Epis.
And the mini was so cool. I could play Jazz chords as easily as open or barred chords. I actually think I'll buy it after I mod one of my guitars.
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