Hi All

At the moment I'm really struggling with the Bb9 chord which is used in the oasis song let there be love.

At the moment it's listed as "Bb9 = 110111 or 110110" which I'm finding quite tricky to play.

Is there any special technique/way of playing this chord?

Thanks in advance.
Why couldnt you play it as x10111 ? That has all the needed notes of the Bb9, and if the Bass player in the song is playing the F, you don't need a chord like Bb9/F using the thumb. It can be done, but if you're not used to the thumb over technique I wouldn't beat myself for it, simply use what I put above and you should be fine.

The way Id play that finger wise, is x2o333


I always just omit the 5, giving you 6565xx or x1011x.
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Thanks all, eventually I went with playing with with three fingers and not playing the F on either E strings.

Much love!