Hi, im Sean and im new to the forum (^_^)

So i've been trying to figure out how to get a tougher lead guitar tone, my rig is Washburn Vindicator plugged to a Laney LX65R and an EHX Pocket Metal Muff, my Riffing tone is great, but my lead tone just isnt good enough for me, so i've been thinking about getting a new pedal or something, or new pickups. what do you guys recommend?
Welcome Sean

Mids make you stand out more in the mix, so definitely try an EQ pedal (dano fish n chips for a budget, MXR 6/10 bands if you have a little more cash) set to boost mids, and step on that for solos.

Or, you could just try setting your mids higher on your amp first.
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Aye, you should get an EQ pedal. If you like your tone for rhythm, then all you need to do when you switch to lead is turn on the pedal.

As for the pedal itself, you should boost the mids on it, since mids add more punch and oomf.

I have a Boss GE7 which I love. I bought mine used though and it happened to be an MIJ one, so I don't know if the new ones are any worse.

I've heard good things about Fish and Chips also, though I've never used one.
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Welcome Sean!

As RatFish already said, mids will be the answer with your solo cutting through live. So I'd definitely try that first.

Do you have some sort of budget for a pedal, if necessary?
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Really depends on your budget.....but for a lead boost the ehx lpb-1 would be perfect.....and won't break ur wallet.
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I say an eq pedal. I was fiddling around with one and GOOD GRIEF! I just might have to buy one eventually. It even made the Boss Metal Zone and Metal Core sound good (less treble on the distortion pedal, more mids on the eq). You can take out whatever, put more of something else you need, and even bump up the volume, all at the same time. Will definitely be useful for adding punch.
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EQ pedal, a lot more mids and cut the bass a little. Works wonders for my lead tone.
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Or an EQ, whichever works...
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MXR 10 band in front of the amp. The 10 band is easier to adjust the overall output level than the 6 band. Out front will give you more distortion as you turn up the output of the EQ, put it in the loop if you just want a volume boost and tone change with no extra distortion.
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