This may sound extremely nooby, but I can't seem to get the right slack on each string.

Any measurements or techniques (i.e pull back string two pegs) for slack when changing each string?
What guitar is it? Does it have a Floyd style trem, or a different kind of bridge.
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i find that with a 3x3 head stock that if you use the tuning peg above the one you need to reach as a measuring tool it works very well. for the skinnier strings (the right side) measure about 1 1/2 - 2 pegs length away. and of course use your imagination when you reach the top pegs.
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I find that if you pull it taut, and then let it go, however much it slackens naturally is a good amount, though sometimes that is a bit too much or too little. always put a little more slack just in case.
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Sorry, I edited my post. Your profile says its a JS20, which has a Strat style trem rather than a Floyd, right?
Set all the tuners so the holes are pointing sideways when the guitar is standing on its end (at a right angle to the neck) and run the string half way around the tuner, pulling out the slack, and then through the hole towards the bottom of the neck, then turn the tuner to tighten it.