Has anyone ever come across any fake acoustics on ebay and how can I tell if a guitar is the real deal? This guy has been selling these guitars which i find pretty suspicious. Should I be?

Scroll down the page a bit and look at pics + description.

Also from the same seller,

The pictures look amazing. However, in all his descriptions he states that they are worth $2000+ yet he sells at around 400.
Legit guitars, i think. Probably just took some inspiration from a gibson/martin acoustic, made some himself and sells them on ebay with similar specs. He isn't saying they are martins or gibsons.

Also check the feedback if you're that worried.
Personally i'd avoid out of principle cause barely anything in this bit makes sense (as funny as it is to read):

bone nut/ saddle . lcd pre/amp!!!!!!! in hard pod case !! rated at AAA+++++. double bound and a true artwork and sound tank for all !.you d be lucky to get a handbuilt acoustic for under 1500 .crazy dollar start !25.5 scale and 44mm at nut low action! 41.5 " long and quarter " and 3 pin pro inputs!any test great axe will satisfy the shrewdests of critics .pro guitar at a never to be repeated start bid! retail 2199.i was goin top add with my trade name which hasent cleared through gulliar gillards red tape.never the less full backup ! not f--k me over !!!!real service guarantee! GROVERS ! INDIAN ROSEWOOD / 2AA SPRUCE SOLID TOP ...LCD 5/WAY EQ with tuner in pod case well packed ripper axe! worth thousands!not just build quality but tone /playerbuilty and awesome looks.. everyone knows dollar deals guitars glows!!!! and value is my goal for buddin /pro .or collecting buyers!and you will be one happy player!!!buyer /investor..insured and well packed for postage!
his feedback sounds good to me
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