I was in GC a couple weeks ago and there was a used Taylor koa for sale. I played it and loved the tone and the looks, again I really loved the tone. It was bigs bucks, but decided to go put some $ on it so they would hold it for me. When I returned it was already sold. This guitar was several years old. From what I understand it takes a couple years for a koa to open up. I have not had chance to play a new one, but what I read they are very bright at first . Can any Koa owners tell me about their experiences? Thanks

I own a Taylor Koa T5 - you can check it out in my photos. When I was getting ready to buy a T5, I went to GC and played several. I actually tried every type of wood they had available in the T5. The Koa had a slightly different tone, which I think you've accurately described. It was a little on the bright side, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. This one is now 4 years old and plays/sounds like a dream. It has improved over the years.

Buy a new one. You won't regret it.
i love the new taylor koa models - particularly the gc-k. koa has a sweetness unlike other woods, and while it has more midrange than i usually like, since i prefer mine scooped, with koa it sounds great. haven't found koa to be all that bright - there's less bass, so it can seem that way.
Thanks for the replies. The one I was playing was K24CE, it was all koa (top and bottom), I think I might try to find one just like it...
i've played a couple of those - they sound amazing! VERY nice choice.

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Thanks for the replies. The one I was playing was K24CE, it was all koa (top and bottom), I think I might try to find one just like it...
My experience with Koa is very limited, but it has always been a tonewood that I've heard many advocate the try-before-you-buy principle to a more serious degree over other tonewoods. I would agree with this assessment generally, and with a tonewood like Koa you're also going to have a unique guitar every time since the figuring is astonishing and comes in various forms. I have yet to see a Koa guitar that looked the same as another one.

They are great instruments and Koa makes a great tonewood. I would definitely describe the tone as bright with a midrange girth to the tone. The more you play it, the more it develops its low-end, though I'd say it's definitely not geared towards heavy bass response by any means. I like playing fingerstyle with Koa myself.
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i have a takamine eg544sc that has koa back and sides and a cedar top. sounds great. especially with new elixir lights
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I need to go and try a Taylor Koa, but I know that if I do, I will go crazy. I always have loved Taylor's.
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I've never had one but I hear they are excellent. I believe Taylor Swift uses them on some of her recordings, and it sounds beautiful on there... but they look beautiful :P. I'd try get a pre-owned one
I've got a Tacoma EK36-C, which is koa. I'll be damned if it doesn't sound identical to rosewood. It certainly looks great though.
Hmm all this Koa talk is making me want to head out of my way to the nearest Guitar Center and see if they have a Koa Taylor in stock for me to play around with.

In your opinions, what is Koa most similar to? I see Shred Off thinks it's like Rosewood
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