I am going to jam with a bunch of old friends after work. The problem is do to distance i had to bring my gear to work with me. Now my car is parked infront of my office so i know its safe from being stolen. The problem is i have a b-52 tube amp, and its really big and heavy so id like to leave it in the car. I live in alabama though and it can get into the high 90s with alot of humidity here. My question is, is it safe to leave a tube amp in the car with that kind of heat?
btw any tips of transportanting a tube amp? what to do and not do?
you could look at getting a flight case with wheels on it, that would make it even safer when transporting, as for the humidity you could look at getting a small dehumidifier that drains moisture out of the air
Tubes are meant to withstand a great deal of heat, I'd really be more worried about the glue joints in the cabinet, along with the humidity affecting speaker. I'd say it be all right I just wouldn't knock it around a whole lot right after it came out of the car.

ok thank you all for helping me out and about the case idea
I've left amps in the car in Australian summer lots of times and had no problems. You should be fine. Burning your fingers on it is the biggest danger.
Drape a sheet over it to stop fading if it's in direct sunlight.
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