Sincere apologies if a thread like this already exists, but I searched 'em and none of the answers I wanted showed up. On with the question!

My girlfriend is the proud owner of a Cort VX-4V electric with a Double Locking-II tremolo unit. It's set with 13-56 gauge strings, C standard tuning and currently has 4 springs set into the tremolo.

The problem is we can't get it to do flutters. At all. Even the artificial harmonics seem to be out as well. This is after having it sent in for new strings and general set-up too.

Is there any way to get a guitar in C standard to flutter with that current set-up?

The general answer is to remove a spring or two and lighten the strings, but we want to know if it's possible as it is.

Thanks in advance.
the problem is most likely a combination of using huge ass strings and having so many strings. You need loose tension to flutter, and that setup sounds like it's really, really tight, even in C standard. I go to C standard with my 11's, and it feels alright.

If you really want to do them, you have to take some tension away.
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Excellent. We shall have a talk to the guys in the shop and see what can be done. Thank you for answering my question dude.
^ yeah, you might as well try what he said, but some cheaper floyds don't have much flutter, so don't get your hopes up, kind of thing.
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