EDIT: Sorry if this thread seemed unnecessary, I was really pissed off when I lost.


My plan to buy this was ruined because the other guy used automatic bidding.

I think automatic bidding is extremely unfair. Ebay doesn't even notify you that the other person is using automatic bidding, which ****s you up big time.

That RG is one of the perfect guitars for me, and hat was the only one I found online. Now some dickhead has it.

Who else hates automatic bidding and finds it unfair?
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It's not unfair. It just means that that guy was willing to pay more than you to get it. Obviously he wanted it a lot more than you did, or had a lot more money to waste.

I agree that it really is a bitch, but whining about it won't make it go away or change anything.

And it's not like it's the end of the world. There will be other RG's, always.
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If you mean something like Auction Sniper, then there's no way Ebay even knows someone is using it.
You should've received notification that you had been outbid. I've used automatic bidding a lot to get items. I don't think it's unfair - it just all depends on how much one is willing to spend on an item.
Yeah it's not unfair, you're just a cheap bitch.
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You'll find another RG, just keep looking.
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To someone who lives on other side of the world the automatic bidding's a bliss because you don't have to wake up at ****ing 5am to check it. And it really forces you to think how much you're willing to pay for it in the first place.. bid struggles can be bad for ya wallet.
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Yeah it's not unfair, you're just a cheap bitch.

**** you.

Part of the reason why I am so pissed is because there are no other RG's that I like as much as this. Most of the ones in my price range are hideous, except for the RG550 reissue.
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I think it's unfair (and childish) that you refer to him as a "dickhead" simply because you didn't get your way.

It's not like he was conspiring against you and bought it just so you couldn't have it.

As already said, he was willing to pay more for it, and thus, won it fair and square.

I got outbid on something I really wanted by someone using automatic bidding once, and I was sad that I lost, but I didn't bitch and moan about it; the guy was simply willing to pay more for it.
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You use Automatic Bidding every time you bid on eBay, thats what setting your maximum bid is. Its not anyone elses fault that you didn't set your bid high enough, clearly someone else was willing to pay more than you, and if you didn't set your max bid as high as you would've gone, thats your fault.
Its just a RG550XX, I've seen at least 20 of them for sale in the last 6 months, you've hardly missed out.