Nice job you copy and pasted the "Like the angel" tab by Rise against. Are you really that stupid?
haha it was a test, you see most of the songs i write are very similar to these, and people on here shoot them down, and so i put this on so that if those people were like this is crap, i could say yeah its Rise Against, beeyotch, but none of the normal people have commented on it, you guys are new, so apologies for that ^^
The structure of Rise Against songs are pretty straight forward, they become awesome because the vocalist is awesome.
You have to immediate state that it's a joke beforehand, otherwise you are very much guilty of plagiarism.
Stating that "you" wrote it indicates this. And no credit is given to them in the title, which leads the viewership to believe that this is an original piece.

You shouldn't just get banned for this, Rise Against should file a lawsuit against you!

All joking aside, you probably shouldn't **** around like that. You're wasting forum space with shit like this.