My band is called Revelry.. dont know if its taken..dont care
Our band is possibly one of the only few bands that still like rock n roll and metal in our city because of the tsunami of shitty music that came in after the 21st century lol....
We write our own songs which are all different sounding because of our musical tastes.
Im a punk rock fan (Old and new) my bassist is full out Metal and Hard rock and my drummer is like me and so that combo makes our songs allot more different from whats playing now.. its kinda like if Ozzy was to have sex with axl rose then we would be born lol...
Check us out Click here! we didnt put any song samples up yet but there will be some later on.. and take it easy on here.. be cool.. we are all a guitar family!
Green day.. Rammstein... I have weird musical taste