So just went and got my HT-5 from the shop as a present for my GCSE results, and first impression is, its awesome
Quick question, would a TS-7 tighten up the distortion with an EQ, or just an EQ?
And its my first tube amp, so are there any things i should know to take care of it well?
Thanks all
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both would tighten it up. try them.
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Congratz......id buy a bad monkey or a ts9....
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
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Very cool amp, congrats. I would second the bad monkey, this amp takes the bad monkey well and its cheap
awsome amp, i was playing mine earlier and forgot how much i love the overdrive on it!
And its sound gets better as the tubes warm up just to let you know

Tubescreamers are generally good for boosting and tightening the overdrive, but idunno how TS-7 is, i know a lot of people swear by the TS9s and TS808s, and you can mod the TS-7. Just remember to keep the gain low and boost the volume to tighten it up

btw, well done on the GCSE's, now you got A levels to look forward to! :P:
If you don't keep the gain low on the HT-5 the OD won't have much affect. With the HT-5's gain up the signal is already too compressed for the boost to do anything.