I'm sure the song in some parts don't fits perfectly, It's because i have to add/improve some drum fills
Tell me what you think can improve the song.

I think the ispiration came from death(late albums), Morbid Angel(not too much) and Suffocation, so it's slightly technical death

I think I'll proceed adding a solo, then do you think's better proceeding with a low doomy part or with a progressive acoustic part?

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Cool sounding riffs, and I see that you had some inspiration from Death. You use those "53"s Way too much in the riff following the intro though.

All of it seems good, the "Verse" could use some better transitioning for that repeat though. I also like how you used the intro/first riff as the chorus.

Good song though. Crit another of mine that is C4C?

Starts off kinda cool. Don't think it's the best possible combination to start out but it sounds alright.

Riff A, don't think blast beats fit here. And like you said, the transition isn't that good. But you could actually fix that by using different blast beats in the riff, or by removing the blast beat period.

Riff B reminds me of good ol' thrash metal because of its structure, but sounds... like something I can't point my finger on. Sounds good though.

Transition comes in with perfect timing. Sounds great. The only thing that bugs me is the drums in bar 30. Replace those four hits on the wooden block with 4 splash hits (mezzo piano) and it sounds great.

Verse reminds me of suffocation or a early death riff (not the band, genre). Riff 47 sounds like a progressive metal riff... kinda reminds me of SOP-era Death. Harmony the riff for full effect. Great riff.

Pre-Chorus and Chorus.. nothing to be said.

Interlude #2. Sounds good. No problems there.

Bar 81... makes me cringe. D: I don't like that at all sorry. I started to think it was just Guitar Pro 5 as to why I didn't like it... but I realized I still thought it was annoying even after I played it on my guitar and amp.

The rest is great, minus bar 90.

Overall, it was pretty good. The song wouldn't keep my attention very well though. Seems like the catchy riffs play (bar 47 - 55) for only a short while, and the monotonous riffs drag on (intro riff / chorus).

But I still liked it. If this were on a album, I'd have to hear the rest of the album to think about this song. If the whole CD was like this, I would be able to like this song much more. However, being that there isn't a solo or anything, I don't think it would be catching many listens from me if the others do.

Overall... 7.25/10. With a few fixes, can easily be an 8.

BTW, don't end the song with any acoustic parts or anything. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even have a "break" as per say, the one in Scavenger of Human Sorrow. Just put in a solo.. verse / pre-chorus / chorus and then end.
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