The band that I am in now doesn't have a guitar player yet, which I'm not too worried about. It is me (bass) and two other people (singer and a drummer). We have 4 originals and only 3 are together enough to be able to get through it together with out complete murder. And one sounds nothing like us at all. Then we have 3 covers that we can get through okay, but, they are all chili pepper covers.. I personally don't think any band is able to cover them successfully, atleast not without doing it their own way. The singer wants to start playing out NOW. And we are obviously not ready. I said we needed atleast a 45 minute set and we have about 10 minutes of okay to wtf-was-that music. So now the drummer and the singer seem extremley tempted to do pretty much all covers for the rest of the time, and the singer said he will talk in between songs for a minute and a half.. I'm not the kind of person that plans out that much, and also a minute and a half seems like a hell load.. I'm sure I forgot a lot but this is a general idea of where we are at.

4 originals, 3 covers (all chili peppers), need 45 minute set, talking for over a minute inbetween each song, we arn't that tight in the first place, and no guitar player. We have been together for about a month now.
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Well you pretty much need a guitar player it makes the sound way more full. You guys should also try a bunch of different covers from different genres so you can kinda see what music you all like playing together the most.

PS: A keyboard player also lets you play so many more songs that you couldn't normally play
well i dont want to say you need a guitarist but you could at least learn some more songs
although a guitar guy or keyboard would be fitting since most bands have one
Yep, you're being rushed. Big time.
Listen, these guys don't seem to be very cool if they're not taking your views into account.
Tell them that if they wanna play, they can go right ahead.

But YOU don't have to.

I know how you feel right now and trust me, it's not good to get on stage unprepared.
No amateur band can successfully pull of an awesome chili cover if you ask me. It's just not possible. Even semi-pro Chili cover bands can't properly do it.

The singer probably doesn't have much of an ear for what sounds good and what doesn't during practice, (Unless he has experience jamming with an instrument) so don't worry about what he says.

Worry about getting a guitarist and a few months practice down before thinking of a gig.

My first gig, we had been practicing for months and months and I still felt unready.
We didn't even have a vocalist and my friend booked a gig without consulting with the ban d. We had to recruit a friend of ours (Awesome guitarist) to cover my guitar parts while I sang some of the songs. The other guitarist in our band sang the rest.

It was a patchy ass gig, but we sounded great for the most part.
Even though we did well, we still could have used a LOT more practice... and a vocalist.

So talk with the guys about it and figure out what you guys are gonna do.
Good luck.
One month is not long enough to be ready for a show. From my own experience, nothing was worse or embarrassing that screwing up our own songs, let alone screwing up a cover (haven't done a cover, but the same thing goes). If you're not ready, then tell them you won't play a show the way things are now. Get down the covers first, without concerning yourself with how "good" they sound, unless you guys change your mind on the covers. Then finish buffing out the bugs on your originals.

In the meantime, look for a guitarist. If you get one, it'll be easier for he/she to get to know the songs and get adjusted if you guys have your shit together. If no luck, go out and play a show (45 minutes is the longest you need, unless told elsewise. usually 30 minutes is enough) without a guitarist. perhaps you'll find one in the crowd.

Try to emphasize that patience will pay off. Most people will like you no matter what you sound like if you're all on. Nothing is more embarrassing than being part of and watching a trainwreck of a performance.
You guys have to set your goals first, to give direction to the band.

Sort this issue out: Are you a cover band or an originals band?

You can't be half/half sorry. Different audiences and set times. Originals band = 45-75min, Covers band = 2-4 hours.

After you have a set, then you can look for gigs. As you work in more professional bands, you'll be able to pull off lengthy sets with minimal effort or practice, but that's quite a while away for you guys.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
If you guys are serious about playing with this band then DO NOT play a show prematurely. Not only would it be incredibly embarrassing without a guitar and only ten minutes of music, but every gig you play will be the audience's first impression of you. If you're trying to gain fans, first impressions are everything. If the first impression you give is "WTF were these guys even thinking..." then many of those people who saw you may never want to see you again even after you do get everything squared away and ready to go.

I'm not trying to be super negative, just keeping it real. You should only play shows that you know you are going to absolutely ROCK. Then you can start making a name for yourselves.

Just my opinion.
i played my first gig after 3 weeks practice with myself and the guitar player, no bass player and we asked a drummer 15 minutes before our show to play with us, to be honest i think it went quite well.
This is a thing many bands go through. You are correct, and if you play out now you will look like a joke. You don't even have a melody instrument! Also good call on the chili peppers thing.

You have a much wiser head on your shoulders than your bandmates, methinks.
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Sort this issue out: Are you a cover band or an originals band?

You can't be half/half sorry. Different audiences and set times. Originals band = 45-75min, Covers band = 2-4 hours.

Who says you can't play both covers and originals? This is a common attitude, but I can speak from experience that playing both (half and half) has worked great for me in the past.

You can debate the effectiveness of the mix all you want, but to say it doesn't work is just plain ignorant. If you do what you do well, you can go places.
You're a rock band. Gigging without a guitar really isn't even an option.

And talking for a minute and a half after every song will get probably you bottled, either that or you'll just lose your audience. I say this from personal experience- stage banter is NOT something you plan on, let it come naturally if the opportunity comes. So...

1) Get a guitarist
2) Practice practice practice
3) More originals, less covers

These days, covers are for wedding groups and kiddie bands. Play one or two at the most, fine. But no one wants to hear 4 half-butt RHCP covers back to back.
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