Hi UG.

So, I have a Hughes and Kettner Edition Tube 25th Anniversary amp, and the drive channel seems to be broken.
When I start playing notes, it makes an extremely quiet (relative to the master and gain levels) buzz, and won't work until I play a very hard chord. I don't think this is normal, but it's my first tube amp and maybe there's something I've missed out, but I'm worried that it's a problem with the amp.
When the drive channel is at the right volume, it plays the lower strings a lot louder than the higher strings (say I strum an F# Major Barre chord, the higher 3 strings will stop sounding noticably quicker than the lower strings).

Any ideas?
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Never experienced that before, not played that specific amp before though. I guess your best bet would be to e-mail them, I'm sure they'd have a "support" part on there website where you can contact them.
wow.. that is a weird one.

my first take was maybe it is a bad preamp tube, maybe V2 or V3.

that would not explain the problem with your notes (frequencies).

Is this a combo? Is it new? Have you contact HnK yet?

Are you plugging strait into amp?

Can you try a different guitar in it?

Does it have variable FX adjustment options?

maybe CECamps, Cathbard, Roc8995, gumbilicious, or ECisthebest will see this.