I had a guitar teach a while ago, and he was talking something about guitar scales, and i should practise them to improve faster on guitar. I completely lost the scales he gave me.

Could anyone link me to some guitar scales which would help me improve? And how should i practise them, i heard something about metronome, have no idea what it is though.
Minor and major scale. If your guitar's tuned to E, start off with the E minor and E Major scale, and then work yourself up with those. Start practicing chords as well, and find out which chords work with which scale.
Eh i'm pretty experienced with chords, just don't really know what scales are, and i heard they make you improve.
try these C/A minor: c d e f g a b. Pentatonic C/A minor: a c d e g. Those should get you started. Metronome is a tool to help you with the timming, rhythm... Think of it as a drums machine, also helps to measure your speed... Here are a lot of lessons covering these. Feel free to use the search bar...
Type "All guitar chords" in to google, click the first link, the one with the -'s in the name. Its an awesome site and has every scale matched up to every chord. I'd start with the minor pentatonic scale, thats the first scale I learnt. Then just play it in 5th position, using finger per fret.
(thats if your learning the A minor pentatonic)
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