Need Advice on purchasing something to do small venuq gigs and bars with...

This is a 6 piece funk rock band
2 Guitars, Bass , Drum, Sax, Trumpet

We are going to mic up Sax Trumpet , and want at least 2-3 vocal mics....

I was looking at
Yamaha stagepas 300

But im wondering if this will be loud enough for a 6 piece band..

Thanks in advance for any advice
It'll be loud enough, but you're gonna need more channels on the mixer.

5 instruments + 3 vocal mics + about 5 mics on the drums = 13 channels.
In your situation, I would get a 16 channel mixer and a pair of powered speakers.
We arent adding the guitars, bass, or drums into it there just gonna use their amps.
Quote by drayhn
We arent adding the guitars, bass, or drums into it there just gonna use their amps.

While I understand your logic, in practice it's a bit more complicated than that:

Even if you're playing in a small club and your amps are loud enough, the sound won't be the greatest. The PA system exists to deliver the sound of all the instruments to everyone in the audience. You can adjust the volumes so that each instrument can be heard clearly.

I've been to several small gigs that only used the PA for vocals. If you stand right in front of the guitar amps, you get blasted with treble. Move one step to the side, and the guitarist gets lost in the mix completely. When every instrument is like that, the result is very noisy. Every instrument or amplifier is effectively a point source. It might be loud if you're in front of it, but not everyone hears it the same way.

If you're going to get a PA, it's worth the investment to mic everyone. Being heard isn't only about pure volume, it's also about a good mix.

Just sayin'.

EDIT: Try to rent a PA system that will let you mic everyone. See if it makes a difference. If it doesn't, then buy the one you mentioned. I personally have had better results when everyone is mic'd, but that's just me.
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