I saw videos of the somewhat new Marshall JMD-1 in action and it sounds pretty good.. mostly because it models the higher end Marshall stacks but i never got around to trying that out which really sucks lol.. i cant find one in any of my local music stores at all!
But anyways do you guys think its worth buying.. well does it atleast sound good enough to have the Marshall logo on it.. because i can afford it and seeing that it models a whole line of Marshall amps it will give me a lot of variety.. Oh and is it good for any type of music from punk to hard rock and even metal?

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Quote by jay3213
well does it atleast sound good enough to have the Marshall logo on it..

Oh lawd.
You can definately do better for the price, but it's an ok amp.
modeler pre with a tube power amp
could be a decent amp if it's priced right

edit: 900 euros for the combo, no thank you.
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Marshall made a modeling amp. A freaking modeling amp. I think I just saw a flying pig.

I don't hate all modeling amps, but this is Marshall, a brand that has proven time and time again that the only thing they're good at is high end all-tube amps. That being said, You could do so much better for the money.
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