last few "album" that ive done have been anything from extremly crazy to ridiculous. but in my opinion its what i felt at the time. This new album is a different type of emotions. it's everything left to be told. most of you will not understand but i hope you enjoy some of this songs and get to exhale some stress.

this is some of the new material i would like if yo guys could help me out here by telling me your opinion on what it would sound nice or what doesnt. that could count as colab and will give the credit.


i would return the favor if you take the time to help me out here.

- Sik Mind
Really good stuff dude
i really like the xylophone stuff on nightmare
vocals could use a bit of touching up in parts
besides that, good stuff, and varies alot in theme.

I write Instrumental acoustic songs for youtube, if you have the time check my latest song out and lemme know whatcha think.
"Breathe Easy"
actually i have already man most of your songs they are freaking A! and DowninFlames i like that calmness you bring with each song.
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