I've got a BOSS MT-2 distortion pedal. I had it sounding great, but when I replaced the batteries, it changed the sound completely. I've changed the batteries countless times before and never encountered this problem. I can't get it to sound the way I want. Does anyone have any suggestions for EQ or settings I could use on this pedal to get a good, metal rythm/lead tone?


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did you maybe change the eq on your amp?
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The best thing you can do with that pedal, is throw it in the garbage. Either that or make a buck selling it to some poor sap.

You must have some solid ears attached to your noggin if you can crank your amp up to band playing levels and stand having that pedal on. Most nasal POS ever..
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You're really better off without that pedal. It's not good quality, and people here on UG hate it almost as much as Satan's treble booster. I mean, the Boss DS-1.
i don't find it easy to get a decent tone with this pedal, but it's possible. just always remember to keep the distortion wayy down (i have mine at around 9 o'clock because i'm running a cheap tube screamer into it) and go easy on the treble as well. most of the tone will be shaped with the two mid knobs, so once you have the crunch/noise under control you can experiment with those.

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Thanks everyone. I do have some money I could put towards a new pedal and you're right, it's not that great. It doesn't take high pitches too well, but for now I guess I'll go with vIsIbleNoIsE.

Do you guys have a suggestion as to what distortion pedal would be a good replacement?

Thanks again.

If a pizza has a radius of "Z" and a height of "A" it has a volume of pi(z)(z)(a)
Try Level at noon, H and L both at 1 o'clock, Mids at 11 o'clock,mid freq @ 1 o'clock,dist at 10 o'clock.

One thing to keep in mind with the MT-2, it has active EQing, so EQing it anything like your amp is bound to sound like shit. Keep things close to the middle and work from there.
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I found a somewhat pleasing tone with Level at noon, High at 3, Low at 11, Middle at 10, Middle Frequency at noon and Distortion at 10 and a half.

I'd still be interested on your opinions on replacement distortion pedals, so if you wouldn't mind, keep those coming.


If a pizza has a radius of "Z" and a height of "A" it has a volume of pi(z)(z)(a)