For sale:
Classic Tone brand Fender-style power transformer
Model # 40-18027
5W, Dual Primary 120/240V

I bought this brand new for an amp build, then changed what I was doing so I got a different PT. This one has never been installed!
PM me if you want pictures or the specifications sheet.

Asking $40 USD + shipping (normally retails for $57). I will consider trades, I am most interested in humbuckers (but no Super Distortions or Invaders) or pedals (but no DS-1 or Danelectro stuff).

Upgrade and/or general purpose power transformer for Fender Champ, Fender Princeton, Fender Bronco, or similar amps. Plate winding 550 or 630V CT @ 100mA. Voltage compensated for Tweed Series amps as well as later models. Heavier current capacity (100mA vs. 70mA) provides cooler operation and better regulation. Provided with thermal cutout for added safety. The center tap on the heaters is an additional feature. Paper layer wound like vintage era originals!