So for the past month, I've been calling Peavey Parts Distribution for a new resonance switch for my Peavey Ultra Plus.
I called at least twice a week for three weeks. Finally, this past Monday, I talk to a guy who seemed to know what he's talking about. But, it turns out he didn't. He obviously didn't know because he sent me the wrong part.
Everyone I have talked to at Peavey can not find the part on the schematics, even though it's right there on the front panel of the amp with the label "resonance tight, mid, loose".
I'm completely fed up with this company. I love them. I own a lot of Peavey products, but goodness, I'm angry.
write a stern letter to Hartley Peavey instead of ranting on here. it`ll be more constuctive, if they can treat Joe Satriani the way they did there`s no hope for the rest of us.
I'm calling Monday and yelling at someone. I just have to find that right person to yell at.
You might have to cut Peavey a bit of slack on this one. The Peavey factory and offices were devastated by floods a few months ago. Peavey lost a boatload of inventory and they are still trying to get back on their feet.

Still, they should at least have the courtesy to answer your calls or shoot you an e-mail.
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You got a schem? It probably isn't a specialty part.
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You know what.. I think I do.. I haven't thought of that, yet. Man, I'm a idiot.