Hey R&R.

Newbie recorder here, trying to get title topic item working properly. When I try to record, using audacity, I'm getting loads of unwanted noise, tried with several diff cables (brand new), that all work fine when plugged guitar -> amp. Anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you work through it?

My other issue is regarding Cubase LE 5 which came packaged with the hardware - I cannot get it to record ANYTHING at all, with this or my computer's mic. It comes up with a 'mapper' of sorts, and I map the alesis box to the inputs, (or so I think I'm doing) but it just records a blank track upon hitting record.

Thanks guys, any other details you'd need, ask - any and all help much appreciated.
well, as for #1, that'll happen. alesis preamps really aren't too great. try shutting off "stuff", the TV, air conditioner, etc. and see what happens. move the alesis box as far from the computer as possible.

as for #2, after you mapped all your inputs, and you arm to record, did you select which input you want to record?
#1 when i first tried it, i didnt have this problem - theres also nothing in my room like a tv or aircon. which is why i thought i might be doing something different (and wrong)

#2 how do i do so, and 'arm' to record, this is another step that im missing, poss? (real n00b at recording, like i said!)