Mostly looking for opinions/critiques on the mix, all solo's were one shot, no TCE etc, no editing on them at all. (sans the first harmonized one, had to retack the major 3rd part twice)

Alpha Vs Omega
Critting mix as I listen. I'd bring up the centered lead tracks a lot, they're getting lost in the middle. Drums sound good for the most part, maybe bring the snare up just a bit. Bass sounds great with a sub, seemed a bit lost in my headphones, though. Everything sounds great during the slow breaks, creates a great ambiance.

Really great mix and song, man! Only big thing is bringing up the leads and it'll be pretty much perfect.

Would you mind having a listen to either, or both, of the songs in my sig? Any comments on mix, etc would be greatly appreciated too!
Let's party.

Listening to your first song (bridges) Nice structure, Bass drum seems like it's pumping at certain spots and the bass guitar also seems non existent (these are of course my opinions) Guitar levels don't seem even to me. Loving your drum sounds. what snare is that? *listening to second one now* Seems like the guitar is just a tad outta tune there in the intro or was that an over bend? hehe. Great song again, you've got some craftsmanship there. Levels sound a little more rounded out on this one, still not really hearing the bass tho (i got a bose system *no sub* on this pc) Honestly, in my opinion, it sounds like you're really really close to breaking through to something HUGE sounding, keep at it man.
Thanks for listening QTX, Your first one snare is a little over bearing kick drums is none existant. Pretty damned good shreddage in there. Not a fan of the lead tone, but the playing is A+ /cheer...

As far as the second one goes, put a high pass on that rhythm classical and i think you've got a winner! Again completely stellar playing man, great job!